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Why Transparency is Important During Your Development Project

by | May 6, 2022 | All Posts, Development, Marketing

Introduction: What is Transparency During Outsourcing?

General Information About Transparency

WynHouse and Our Transparency

Introduction: What is Transparency During Outsourcing?

Did you know: with open communication and transparency through an app like Slack, your software product can be launched 23% faster? Transparency matters, especially when you consider the relationship you have with your development team. Trusting someone to build your software is a big decision. We get that. With WynHouse’s policies, you will feel closer to your project as we bridge the transparency gap. Using open communication increases trust between you and WynHouse and allows you peace of mind during stressful moments. When you are able to see your project being built and communicate with the people involved, you know you are working with a transparent, professional company.

General Information About Transparency

When working with a software development agency, you know you’re going to get your software as a result. What you may not consider is the need for transparency during your project. You’re paying for the service; why shouldn’t you be able to see the inside details of your project? By looking at software development in general, you can see why transparency is so important for your project. Software exists solely in the digital world; since you can’t see or hold it, transparency allows you to best visualize your product. The more transparent the communication between you and your developers, the more confident you feel in your team and project as a whole. One example of this is if you are building a house for $300,000. During construction, you would want to see the workers in action in order to make sure you are getting what you want. The same goes for software.

WynHouse and Our Transparency

You have milestones that you want to see completed for your project. We try to make these milestones as tangible as possible. That’s why transparency is WynHouse’s differentiator. It’s one of our cornerstones that set us apart from the competition. At WynHouse, we apply transparency to all our projects. Here are some ways we open our development processes to you:

1. Bi-weekly Demos

Bi-weekly demos give you a chance to see your product in action. With these, you can see what we have worked on and what we have completed.

2. Slack

Slack is WynHouse’s main communication hub. By having one main place to connect with everyone, you don’t have to worry about conversations spread out over several different apps. You can contact us quickly with any questions or concerns, while letting us know if you plan to change the direction of your app.

3. Access to Jira

Jira is a web application where developers can work on different tasks in your project. When members of the development team complete a certain task, called user stories, they can move the task further along within Jira. This allows you to see how each piece of the project is progressing while your team works on it in real time. WynHouse provides direct access to your project’s Jira channel, so you are updated on its progress.

4. Milestone-driven timelines

Milestone-driven timelines give you an overview of how your project should be moving along. Our timelines are modeled off Gantt charts and provide a look at when different elements of your product should be completed. If you want to know if your project is falling behind, the timelines can tell you.

5. Release Notes

Release notes provide a simplified version of what’s happening in Jira. It’s an easier way to take a look at what’s changed, fixed, or freshly deployed in your project. Release notes are sent to you to keep you in the loop. You can then compare the notes with the progress in Jira and the milestone-driven timeline to make sure we are on the right track for you and your software.

Transparency is key at WynHouse. By staying open with our communication and our work, we can maintain a strong client-agency relationship while building your software. A partnership with WynHouse means you are investing in us as a team, and we want you to take part in your development project. Keeping access open to various areas of your project allows you to trust that we share the same goal: delivering your software product to you in its best form.

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